Wild Pitch Wheat, an American pale wheat ale, is light to medium bodied, and lightly hopped.  It’s brewed with white wheat malt as well as barley malt.  Some folks like their wheat ale with a lemon wedge; others consider this an insult to the brew.   Wild Pitch should go especially well with poultry, fish and shellfish and with salads and tangy cheeses such as brick, edam and feta.

Our Pine Tar Stout boasts roasted barley and four kinds of malt--Minnesota 2-row brewers’ malt, Carapils malt, English chocolate malt and black malt.  The result is a dark brown ale with full, rich flavor and toasty, chocolate-y highlights.  You’ll enjoy Pine Tar Stout with barbecue, beef, shellfish, smoked or grilled meats, with earthy cheeses, and with desserts, especially chocolate!

Rick’s Red Ale is an amber to reddish ale that is darker, maltier and more flavorful than a typical pale ale.  Complementing the refreshing flavor are moderate bitterness from hops and slight toastiness from malt.  Rick’s Red Ale complements poultry, fish and beef and sharp cheeses such as cheddar and bleu.

Rain Delay IPA is our “hoppiest” brew.  The hops provide a pleasing bitter contrast with the sweetness of the malt.   The “IPA” stands for India Pale Ale.  Historically, brewers also valued hops as a preservative, but many dispute as myth the notion that IPA was “invented” to keep ale from spoiling during the long ocean voyage from England to colonial India.  Rain Delay IPA goes well all by itself or with just about any food, but especially poultry, fish and shellfish and peppery, sharp and pungent cheeses.